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Each purchase contains 1-9 Volt Battery 1-extension Speaker & 50 ft Wire
Ding Dong

SL-40/ LD-40


The SL-40 beam is self-contained door announcer model using a 90 volt battery. It rings on what every door you attach it to. It is the easiest unit to install. It makes pleasant sounding chime sounds when someone walks past the passive infrared eye. Easy to install; made in the USA, and fully warranted for 2 year, with a 30 day refund on return no questions asked. Shipping not refunded.

The SL-40 passive infrared door announcer is a self-contained, battery operated, motion detector. From the detector comes a pleasant sounding chime every time a person enters its detection area. This stand alone unit was designed to detect infrared energy emitted by the human body when in motion, and its performance is unaffected by sunlight, car headlights, reflections, shadows, or colors. It will also operate with a door open or closed. Designed with state of the art electronic components to operate under the most demanding circumstances the SL-40 is ideal for monitoring small office and shop entrances.

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  • Detects any Motion
  • Infrared Senor Powered by 9 volt battery (Included)
  • No reflectors no lightbeams
  • Pleasant sound with volume control DING OR DING DONG sounds. Link here to sounds
  • It will also operate with a door open or closed.
  • Long battery life circuit design
  • Fully automatic, no alignment required
  • Ceiling, above door, or side mounting
  • No wires, easy installation
  • Welcomes with a pleasant sounding chime
  • Not affected by wind, heat, humidity or shadows
  • Prevents unannounced entry
  • Helps control theft
  • Units tested at factory prior to shipping for quality control
  • Can be ordered powered with 9 volt DC (attaches to 110 Volt power) this could do away with the need for battery. Special Order no extra charge (800-398-5127)
  • Low cost My Price for 10 years $75 new mfg Suggested $54 My price now $42
  • two year warranty. Other sites only give 90 day or 1 year.

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