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SHOP KEEPER'S BELLS (wow low price!!) $14 shipping $4 Hear Your Customer's Coming! An entrance alert bell with class. A steel bell on an easily adjustable and mountable 9" spring-steel bracket that's perfect for stores, screen doors poolside entrances ...anywhere where an entrance or exit alert is needed. Virtually every store owner could use one of these entrance bells!

Perfect for back, front, screen, porch doors, and pool entrances or anyplace where an entrance or exit alert is needed, our shopkeeper's bell rings lightlyi to let you know that someone has opened the door. We use it in our home doors and our office doors to let us know when customers arrive. This handsome bell is easy to install on any wooden door (screws included).

This bell is made of steel. We now carry a shopkeeper bell made of brass with a clearer "jingle".

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Shop Keepers Bell This shop keeper's bell is wonderful to use wherever there is a need for an entrance or exit alert. Some examples of those types of areas are: homes, stores, screen doors, pool areas, etc. This neat bell is crafted from steel; and is able to adjust angles by simply using pliers to make it fit any door. It will need to be secured with two screws or nails.

Shipping for this item -- These are shipped in plastic bag (This is how I get from Factory) Will not be shipped in Retail Package. No Screws No Instructions. You just screw (or glue) metal band to door with 2 screws.

  • Made of steel
  • Easy to install on any wooden door
  • Screws included
  • The ring of our shopkeeper's bell will instantly transport you back to a simpler time.
  • Available in one size and style
  • Steel Band is 7 to 9 inches Bell measures 1 5/8" in diameter and 1 1/2" in height.

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