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Each purchase contains 1-9 Volt Battery 1-extension Speaker & 50 ft Wire
Ding Dong

TX/RX1000A Wireless Indoor Announcer


The TX/RX1000A wireless door chime operates without reflectors or lights and therefore does not give false alerts caused by motion nearby. You can use with door opened or closed. The TX/RX1000A Wireless Door Chime is battery powered and does not require electrical wiring. This unique PIR makes the TX/RX1000A wireless door chime set the best solution for virtually any installation.

The unit has a 12 volt output to power any 12 volt device such as a 12 volt light or strobe light, loud buzzer, fire type bell. School bell. It can also be used on warehouse roll up doors, inside display cabinets, restricted area protection, or (patio, bedroom, bathroom)

Standard Set/Kit $119.00 each set two year warranty
Upgrade Set/kit $135 Each set (receiver has long range antenna and people counter) two year warranty

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TX/RX1000A Wireless Commercial PIR Indoor Announcer Entrance Alert System. Authorized Rodann Dealer!! Technial questions call 800 570 1861

  • Commercial/Industrial Grade Entrance Alert / Door Announcer
  • Adjustable PIR Sensor
  • Not affected by WIND, SHADOWS, HEAT OR TEMPERATURE FLUCTUATIONS works on motion and body heat combined (INFRARED)
  • Made in the USA Strong quality control. F
  • Fully warranted (2 year) with 30 day return no questions asked (shipping not refunded) other sites offer 1 year warranty
  • Helps monitor store front or rear entrances. Helps stop theft.
  • Will work on roll up bay doors and rear doors or stores with open doors (like in Malls)
  • Can be ordered in KIT which rings on PULL of door and contact switches instead of beam (no extra charge)
  • You are purchasing from an authorized Rodann dealer. Technical support is available!
  • Special pricing kits contain 1 9 volt Battery, 50 Ft Wire, and 1 small External Speaker
  • Two year manufacturer warranty (other sites offer only 1 year warranty)
  • Invented in USA boards designed in USA Boards Made in China. Assembled in America
  • Tested/used with few failures for 20 years in 1000s of mall retailers, convenience stores major department stores, pizza & fast-food chains & industrial manufacturers.
  • Can be used on all door types above door by side of door arms length at an angle
  • Ideal for businesses of all sizes: small, medium and large spaces
  • Adjustable volume control Several Sound Settings sound 1 sound 2 sound 3 sound 4
  • Infra red senses body heat and motion combined No false alarms as characteristic from other systems & beam alerts
  • Transmitter (TX1000A-OOT) & Receiver (RX1000A-OOR) Included.
  • Up to 500' range from transmitter to receiver Other sites/vendors say 1000 feet that is very misleading to customers
  • Transmitter (TX1000A-OOT) operates on a 9 volt battery (included). Receiver plugs into any 110 -120 volt standard wall outlet
  • Ability to add as many additional transmitters (TX1000A-OOT) or receivers (RX1000A-OOR) as needed for your application
  • 4 pleasant chime alerts (all different tones of "ding dong"). Ability to distinguish which entrance people are coming through by selecting a different chime for each entry point.
  • Several Sound Settings sound 1 sound 2 sound 3 sound 4
  • Optional counter or strobe extension speaker or bell can be attached. Receiver has one built power in 12 volt output and a built in power audio speaker output to power additional 2 additional devices in 2 other rooms (locations) one can be speaker other can be 12 volt device (a strobe, buzzer, fire type bell or school bell)
  • East to install. No need to hire an electrician or contractor.
  • Ceiling, above door, or side mounting
  • Rings in back of store.
  • Works on motion of people.
  • can be ordered with contact switches to work
  • when door is PULLED
  • Works on doors open or closed and roll up or sliding doors.
  • Special price $119 Ship $11

  • Set/Kit contains
    • 1 transmitter 1 receiver
    • 1-9 volt battery
    • 1 extension speaker no charge
    • 50 ft speaker wire
    • Special Price Upgrade Set $135 Ship $11

    Set/Kit contains
    • 1 transmitter
    • 1 receiver with built in Long Range Antenna and People Counter
    • 1-9 volt battery
    • 1 extension speaker no charge
    • 50 ft speaker wire

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