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Each purchase contains 1-9 Volt Battery 1-extension Speaker & 50 ft Wire
Ding Dong

TX/RX2000A Wireless Driveway Announcer


Also Used as HOME TRESPASSER SIGNAL (back yard porch garage); Car Pulls up Unit Rings in inside of store or house. $135.00 each unit. Heat Proof Water Proof. Also used as trespasser alert in home back yard or driveway. Also used as pool alarm Rings inside of store/home. Heat Proof Water Proof Outdoor use. Works on motion of car & heat or Body Heat

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  • Easy installation - Wireless system
  • 200-800 foot plus transmitting range
  • Choice of "Ding" or Ding Dong" or other sounds
  • Adjustable volume Loud enough for Cleaners or Boot shop or Machine Shop
  • Not affected by WIND, SHADOWS, HEAT OR TEMPERATURE FLUCTUATIONS works on motion and body heat combined (infrared)
  • Optional counter or strobe may be used
  • Nine volt battery included
  • Battery life of about one year.
  • Adjustable PIR sensor
  • Built in 12 Volt DC power to run extra sound to another room or another part of the building (IE can ring in more than one place at same time)
  • Long battery life circuit design
  • Fully automatic,
  • no alignment required
  • Ceiling, above door, or side mounting
  • No wires, easy installation
  • Welcomes with a pleasant chime
  • Prevents unannounced entry
  • Helps control theft
  • One year warranty
  • Low Cost

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